Why Should You Prefer a Lifetime Plan?

Lifetime Plan

No matter which subscription plan of our products you choose, you’ll get all the key features out of the box. But, there are certain advantages of a lifetime plan over an annual plan.

Rationally speaking, going for a lifetime plan is way more profitable for you in the long run. How? Let me explain some reasons right away:

Save Your Money!

Save the money

There is no doubt that a lifetime deal comes with a higher upfront cost. But if you are far-sighted enough, you’ll eventually realise you are paying a lot less.

For example– The Annual Plan of WAMessager 1 user comes for 80$! But, what if you choose to use the plugin for the next few years as well? You’ve to keep adding $80 every year, right? (Also there are chances of Price Increment). It might cost a hell lot of money.

Here comes the benefit of a lifetime plan: 

If you choose to go for the lifetime plan, all you’re paying is just $80 (with all the existing and upcoming features) for a lifetime with endless support and updates. So, which one is more pocket-friendly? The lifetime one, right?

From now on, forget the recurring annual payments. Buy once and get fruits forever.

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Experience New Features!

If you want to get rid of the plain vanilla, leveraging new features on your website is a must. Over time, we will bring more advanced and redefined features.

For example– in a recent update, we introduced row and column selection features in the Excel sheet one upload for marketing purposes.

Now, If you choose an annual plan and then don’t renew the subscription, you’ll no longer get any new features!

To make sure you never stop experiencing new features, choosing a lifetime plan is undoubtedly a wiser decision.

Lifetime Plan Sale Live Now!!

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Get Lifetime Support

Get Lifetime Support

The biggest advantage of a lifetime plan is to get lifelong support.

Without any extra charge or hidden fees, our support team is there to assist you whenever you get stuck.

When it comes to providing support, we’re all ears. Just initiate a chat or open a support ticket to reach us.

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Powerful Pro Features you shouldn't Miss!

Export WA Groups Contacts

Extract all your WA Groups/Chats/Labels Contact Numbers in an Excel/ CSV file which you can further upload to send messages using any WA Self Bulk Sender

Send Attachment with Caption

By using WA Auto Sender- You can send up to 7 attachments like Images, Videos, or PDFs with Captions and Personalization. Ready to take your Marketing to the next level?

Avoid WhatsApp Ban

With WA Rocket Sender, sending WhatsApp Messages to multiple recipients becomes a breeze, with its strict algorithms which Minimize WhatsApp Banning to Negligible*

Pinpoint Personalized Messaging

Send Personalized WhatsApp Messages to your subscribers using an Excel file. Delight oneself and bring more conversions with a pinpoint Personalized Messaging Platform!


The Lifetime Plan offers users a one-time payment option for lifetime access to our comprehensive WhatsApp Bulk Sender Tool. This includes all the existing and upcoming features. The lifetime deal is a cost-effective solution in the long run as it eliminates the need for monthly or annual subscription fees.

Moreover, users are free from the hassle of subscription renewals or potential price increases. It’s thrilling to know that this lifetime deal also includes future upgrades and access to new features.

We’ll provide you a number replacement in case it gets banned, so you need not worry. But Don’t SPAM and use this tool smartly. Read this – How to avoid WhatsApp Ban?

Not only you will get all the existing Features but also the upcoming features that this WA Sender plans in Lifetime Plan.

Yes, it is legal to send bulk messages on WhatsApp if done responsibly and in compliance with WhatsApp’s terms of service and applicable laws. However, it’s important to obtain consent from recipients, refrain from spamming, and adhere to WhatsApp’s policies regarding messaging frequency and content. Violating these guidelines may lead to penalties such as account suspension or banning.

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