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We currently using Stripe for payments, however in case it fails we have alternate PayPal as well, click here to pay via PayPal.

At WAMessager user data privacy is the utmost priority. We have developed sophisticated and lightweight technology that works smoothly inside browsers only. So no data is ever sent outside of your system. Your data is completely safe with WAMessager.

Yes. You can cancel your plan anytime. Once you cancel, no further charges shall be applied to your account. However, there are no refunds if you cancel your plan in the middle of your subscription duration. 
To cancel your plan, you can contact our support anytime.

We only offer digital products so no refund cancellation or returns are possible after an order has been placed. If you have a continuing subscription then you can cancel anytime and no charges will be deducted after you cancel the subscription/membership. However any charges deducted before cancellation of membership cannot be refunded! For more check on to refund policy.

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