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Click the link to easily send us a WhatsApp message without needing to save our number in your contacts.

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Why chat links?

Clients can reach out to you on WhatsApp using chat links found on your social media profiles, eliminating the necessity of adding your phone number to their contacts.

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How Whatsapp Link Generated chat links work?

Elevate your communication strategy with our complimentary tool, designed to cater to all your WhatsApp business numbers effortlessly. By crafting wa.me WhatsApp chat links, this tool streamlines and enhances your connectivity.

Using Link Generator!

Craft WhatsApp chat links that incorporate your number along with a warm welcome message, perfect for embedding on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail.

FAQs WhatsApp Link Generator

WhatsApp links are URLs that, when clicked, open a direct chat with a specific phone number on the WhatsApp platform. They simplify connecting without needing to save the contact’s number first.

Yes creating WhatsApp link is free with WAMessager’s WhatsApp Link Generator

A WhatsApp link generator is a tool that creates customized URLs for initiating WhatsApp conversations with specific phone numbers. These links can be easily shared on websites, social media, or emails, allowing others to start chats without manually adding the phone number to their contacts.

The Free WhatsApp Link Generator by WAMessager(wa sender) allows businesses to create a custom link for their WhatsApp account in just a few simple steps. All you need to do is enter your WhatsApp number and the custom message you want to display to customers. The tool will then generate a custom link that you can use to direct customers to your WhatsApp account.

Begin with api.whatsapp.com/send?phone= and then input your phone number. In some cases, there might be an encoded pre-filled message at the end, structured in URL format.

Clicking a WhatsApp link triggers the opening of a chat window either in the WhatsApp mobile app or on WhatsApp Web. This direct access enables customers to initiate direct conversations with you.

Absolutely! Additionally, generating multiple WhatsApp links with personalized messages is a clever technique to efficiently organize incoming chats within your inbox.

There’s no need! Simply stop sharing it. You can generate and use as many links as needed simultaneously.

Yes, with the Free WhatsApp Link Generator by WAMessager(wa sender), you can customize the message that appears when someone clicks on your WhatsApp link. The message is versatile—it can serve as a greeting, showcase a promotional deal, or convey any message of your choice to customers. Tailoring this message can elevate engagement and conversions by delivering a personalized experience that resonates with customers.

  1. Create your link using WAMessager’s WhatsApp link generator. Copy it
  2. Click on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook,  Twitter or Linkedlin profile.
  3. Click on the edit profile button.
  4. Paste your WhatsApp link in the appropriate field, such as the website field.
  5. Save the changes

WAMessager can be used to send bulk messaging campaigns with unlimited messages to people without saving their numbers. Our advanced algorithms protect your numbers from getting banned which running such large-scale campaigns. Some other Tools Offered are: 

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You are all set for using WAMessager!

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