6 Best Features of WA Sender: WAMessager

Best Features of WA Sender

Best Features of WA Sender:WAMessager

Picture this: a tool that transforms your WhatsApp marketing game from ordinary to extraordinary. That’s precisely what WA Sender: WAMessager brings to the table. In a world where every message counts, this powerhouse platform offers not one, not two, but six standout features designed to supercharge your outreach efforts. Curious to uncover how it can revolutionize your approach to WhatsApp marketing? Join us as we unveil the six best features of WA Sender: WAMessager, and get ready to unleash the full potential of your messaging strategy.

Export WA Groups Contacts

Extract all your WA Groups/Chats/Labels Contact Numbers in an Excel/ CSV file which you can further upload to send messages using any WA Self Bulk Sender

Send upto 7 Attachments

By using WA Auto Sender- You can send up to 7 attachments like Images, Videos, or PDFs with Captions and Personalization. Ready to take Business to the Next Level?

Personalized Messaging

Send Personalized WhatsApp Messages to your subscribers using an Excel file. Delight oneself and bring more conversions with a Personalized Messaging Platform!

Avoid WhatsApp Ban

With WA Rocket Sender, sending WhatsApp Messages to multiple recipients becomes a breeze, with its strict algorithms which Minimize WhatsApp Banning to Negligible*

Concerned About WhatsApp Bans from Bulk Messaging? Fear No More! Discover proven strategies in our 5-minute blog to prevent bans, crafted from over a year of customer insights and stay safe while messaging!

WhatsApp Number Verifier

Check if the number is on WhatsApp | Free Bulk Verify and Filter WhatsApp Numbers using Excel Sheet. Filter Bulk WhatsApp numbers with ease – fast, accurate and secure!

Premium Privacy Blur

Protect your personal or premium conversations, profile pictures from prying eyes by a simple click. Best Privacy Extension of WhatsApp Web!

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Create and Share WhatsApp link with a Formatted Welcome Message

Send WhatsApp Bulk Messages with upto 7 attachments and personalized caption

WhatsApp Group Contacts from Labels/WA Groups to download formats like Excel or CSV 

Use WhatsApp Text Formatter to compose text in bold, italics formatting or add emojis.