Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web

Blur WhatsApp Messages, Profile Pictures, Media and Group or Users name in 1 click for enhancing Privacy

Privacy Feature By WAMessager also set an option to unblur any content on hovering over it through extension.

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WAMessager's Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web

With WAMessager, you can effortlessly send bulk messages without the hassle of saving contact numbers. This time-saving feature enables you to establish a direct connection with your customers, ensuring they receive your messages promptly. Its one of the star feature is to blur whatsapp web Messages, Profile Pictures, Media and Group or Users name.

To increase privacy on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and WhatsApp Share Screen or whether its a You Tube video which needs to blur messages or media the WAMessager’s Privacy Feature For WhatsApp Web blurs your messages, media, profile pictures and only reveals one when you opt to hover over it with your mouse cursor. Isn’t it amazing over 5000+ customers opt in for this Free Feature only to use WAMessager Chrome extension.

Much like a user manual, WhatsApp’s privacy policy serves as a vital resource for comprehending how this app, utilized by billions, manages your data.

The Magic of Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web

In today’s digital age, messaging applications play a pivotal role in our daily lives. With the introduction of WhatsApp Web, the convenience of using this messaging giant on our computers has added a new dimension to our communication experience. However, with this convenience comes the need for privacy, and that’s where privacy extensions for WhatsApp Web work their magic.

privacy extension for whatsapp web

The digital age offers immense convenience but also poses privacy challenges. Privacy extensions for WhatsApp Web empower you to reclaim control over your messages and data. They’re not just add-ons; they are tools that let you enjoy the magic of WhatsApp Web with the peace of mind that your privacy is safeguarded.

Incorporating a privacy extension into your WhatsApp Web experience is a smart move in an era where privacy and security are paramount. It ensures that your digital conversations remain truly private, letting you focus on what matters most—connecting with loved ones, collaborating with colleagues, and staying informed—all while enjoying the magic of WhatsApp Web.

Customize - How to Blur WhatsApp Web?

blur whatsapp web

It caters to your preferences, allowing you to choose which elements you wish to blur. Your choices include:

  • ALL MESSAGES IN CHAT: Blurs all messages in the current chat.
  • PROFILE PICTURES: Blurs all profile pictures visible on screen.
  • LAST MESSAGES PREVIEW: Applies blur to all message previews on the left.
  • GROUP/USERNAMES: Blurs all groups and usernames.
  • MEDIA PREVIEW: Blurs all images, videos, stickers, etc., separately from the text. 
  • NO TRANSITION DELAY: Enables you to disable the delay before displaying an item on hover.
  • MEDIA GALLERY: Blurs all small icons of images, videos, and stickers while viewing an image, video or Sticker.
  • UNBLUR ALL ON APP HOVER: Unblurs all elements when you hover over the WhatsApp Web app.
  • TEXT INPUT: Lightens the colour in your input field to reduce readability.

FAQs for Privacy Extension

Install WAMessager’s Chrome extension from the Chrome Store

When you open the extension, and go to the Privacy tab you can find options to put privacy on WhatsApp Web, Its completely Free. For more click on the link – You tube video.

Yes, absolutely as this extension follows ethical privacy policy and not stores any information with itself.

Steps to Blur WhatsApp Web are:

  • Install WAMessager from the chrome store.
  • Pin the extension and open WhatsApp Web.
  • Go to the Privacy Tab in the extension and customize accordingly how to blue whatsapp web.

For more click on the link – You tube video.

WAMessager can be used to send bulk messaging campaigns with unlimited messages to people without saving their numbers. Our advanced algorithms protect your numbers from getting banned which running such large-scale campaigns. Some other Tools Offered are: 

  1. Random Password Generator
  2. WhatsApp Text Formatter Online
  3. WhatsApp Link Generator Online
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You are all set for using WAMessager!

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