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Make WhatsApp Work for Your Business in 3 Steps

wa sender free bulk whatsapp message sender wamessager

With WAMessager: WA Sender’s cutting-edge Tech and simple WA Sender UI you can automate your WhatsApp Bulk Messaging in 3 steps.

Benefit of WA Pro Rocket Sender?

WAMessager, WA Web Sender puts your WhatsApp on rocket to help you connect with your subscribers within seconds. Hence some people refer it to as Pro Rocket Sender
You can send unlimited WhatsApp messages to all your premium subscribers now.
No more of saving numbers and broadcasting messages in batches of 256 or creating those awkward admin-only groups. WAMessager- WA Self Sender is easy, premium, fast, reliable and affordable.

So without any second thought you can use WAMessager – WA Web Message Sender for premium bulk WhatsApp message

You are all set for using WAMessager!

Plan Comparison

comparison free and premium plan


Powerful Pro Features you shouldn't miss

WAMessager- WA Premium Sender Chrome Extension offers Features:

Personalized Messages

Send personalized wa messages to your subscribers using an excel file. Delight one self and bring more conversions

Send Links

You can send auto links to all your premium subscribers to increase traffic on your web, shop or your blog

Send 7 Attachments with Caption

Using WAMessager - wa self sender, sending image/ videos with caption is a piece of cake. You can send up to 7 attachments to a single number

Unsubscribe with a Message!

Give the freedom to your premium subscribers to unsubscribe you just by sending a simple text instead of reporting or blocking you

24 X 7 Support

All queries are answered within 12 hours, even on holidays. Get a great experience by being in close to us via quick pro WhatsApp support

Export Group(s) contacts

Download all your group/chat contacts in a excel file which you can further upload to send messages using WAMessager- wa self bulk sender itself

Premium Privacy Blur

Protect your personal or premium conversations, profile pictures from prying eyes by a simple click

Self Quick Reply

Add commonly used replies to the quick reply tab to quickly send the reply with just a click

Import numbers directly

Upload a excel file to import all your contacts directly into WAMessager: WA Pro Sender

and more… Also, we are constantly developing pro useful features. Help us decide what premium feature should come next!


DATA Privacy Matters for WA Messager

At WAMessager – WA Auto Sender for bulk WhatsApp messages user data privacy is the utmost priority. We have developed sophisticated and lightweight technology that works smoothly inside browsers only. So no data is ever sent outside of your system. No Auto saving data. Your data is completely safe with WAMessager – WA Auto Message Sender.

Check out what Businesses say about WAMessager- WA Auto Rocket Sender

What some of our 30,000+ customers across globe think of WAMessager- best wa self message sender

I highly recommend you try WAMessager, which is the best WhatsApp bulk sender in the wa self sender. It's built up with great technology and excellent support
Durga Enterprises
WAMessager is one of the best wa sender extensions available and it is worth for Money you spend. I am using the best wa premium sender extension, it work amazing to send bulk messages.Best WA messenger.
Rakesh Sipani
WAMessager is the great WhatsApp bulk message sender extension that makes it easy to send bulk messages on WhatsApp for Free. Like best WA messenger I found till date. The interface is simple and easy to use, and the support team is very helpful. I highly recommend it!
Arjun Dixit

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