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In today’s fast-paced digital world, communication plays a pivotal role in our personal and professional lives. With the popularity of messaging apps like WhatsApp, staying connected has become easier than ever. However, one common hassle that users often encounter is HOW TO SEND WHATSAPP MESSAGES WITHOUT SAVING PHONE NUMBER? or HOW TO SEND 1000 MESSAGES AT ONCE ON WHATSAPP? 

This process can be cumbersome, especially when you only need to send a quick message to someone you may not contact frequently (LIKE YOUR NEW CUSTOMERS). Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: WAMessager, a versatile Chrome extension that allows you to send messages without saving numbers on WhatsApp.

Whether you’re reaching out to new acquaintances, conducting business communications, or simply sending a quick message to a friend, WAMessager simplifies the process, eliminating the need to clutter your contacts list with unnecessary numbers.

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How to send messages without saving numbers?

Send messages without saving numbers

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Send Messages Without Saving Numbers with WAMessager

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Send Messages without Saving Numbers: Alternative Solutions

1) Sending messages to unsaved numbers:

To use this method, simply copy the mobile number of the person you wish to message and send it to yourself on WhatsApp. Then, tap on the number within the chatbox. If the number is registered on WhatsApp, a pop-up will appear saying “Chat with xx.” Tap on it to open a chat window with them.

2) Creating a chat link via browser:

If the “message yourself” feature on WhatsApp isn’t accessible, try this alternative. Copy the following link: Next, paste this link into the URL bar of your preferred web browser on your smartphone. Replace “phone-number” in the link with the country code (e.g., 91 for India) followed by the rest of the phone number. Hit enter, and you’ll be redirected to WhatsApp web, where a chat window with the desired number will open.

3) Utilizing Truecaller's WhatsApp Message feature:

Truecaller includes a convenient feature that enables users to message numbers not yet saved in their contacts. Open Truecaller on your smartphone, locate the desired number, and tap on it. Scroll down to find the “WhatsApp” option, tap on it, and a chat window will appear, allowing you to send messages quickly.

4) Accessing WhatsApp Group Chat Participant Names:

If you’re in a WhatsApp group but don’t have everyone’s numbers saved, you can still send messages to them. Simply tap on their username within the group chat window and select the first option that appears under their profile picture. This action will open a chat window with that person, facilitating communication.

FAQs- How to send messages without saving Numbers?

WhatsApp Bulk Sender is the best chrome extension used to send bulk WhatsApp messages without broadcasting. The word WA Bulk sender is a synonym for sending WhatsApp bulk messages without saving any number. Try the best WA sender tool trusted by 5000+ businesses and awarded with a rating of 4.9/5 on the Chrome store.

WAMessager –WhatsApp Bulk Sender or WA Sender


There are several methods to send messages without saving numbers :

  1. Messaging Apps: Use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal. These apps often allow you to message someone without saving their number in your contacts.
  2. Online Services: Explore online services that offer temporary phone numbers for sending texts. Websites like Text Now or Google Voice provide such services.
  3. WhatsApp Extension: You can use WhatsApp Chrome Extension, that provides you many services and benefits to send messages to someone without the hassle of saving numbers. For Example : WAMessager Chrome Extension lets you message someone without saving numbers with ease.
  4. Social Media: If the person is active on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you can send them a direct message without needing their phone number.
  5. Email: If the recipient has provided an email address, you can send them a message via email without needing to save their number.

Simple Steps to send messages without saving numbers on WhatsApp:

Yes, you can send messages without saving numbers to unsaved contacts on WhatsApp. Simply enter the recipient’s number in the chat input field, and WhatsApp will allow you to send a message without saving their number to your contacts.

Sending truly anonymous messages without saving numbers can be challenging. While some methods like using temporary phone numbers or online messaging services provide a degree of anonymity, they may still require some form of registration or identification. Additionally, ensuring complete anonymity often involves using specialized tools or services designed for anonymous communication, which may not guarantee absolute anonymity. It’s important to carefully consider privacy implications and use such services responsibly.

While sending messages without saving numbers can offer convenience, there are potential risks such as:

  • Privacy Concerns: The recipient may not recognize your number, leading to privacy concerns or suspicions about who is contacting them.
  • Limited Communication: Some messaging platforms may restrict features or functionalities for messages sent to unsaved contacts.
  • Security: Using third-party services for temporary numbers or relying on online platforms may expose your messages to security risks or data breaches.

To avoid a WhatsApp Ban for bulk messaging, keep in mind a few things:

  5. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE SAME MESSAGES TO  EVERYONE(use the time stamp feature)

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To send messages without saving numbers that too 1000 messages at once  you can’t rely on WhatsApp Broadcast Feature as it has a lot of limitations. You should find a proven and reliable tool to count on. In comes WAMessager- the correct wa bulk sender tool. It’s drafted for use by small and medium-size businesses. Try yourself!

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WAMessager can be used to send bulk messaging campaigns with unlimited messages to people without saving their numbers. Its advanced algorithms protect your numbers from getting banned while running such large-scale campaigns. It helps to send messages without saving numbers. Some other Tools Offered are: 

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