How to apply for WhatsApp Green tick Verification? -Best Guide 2023

How to apply for WhatsApp Green tick Verification?

whatsapp green tick

WhatsApp, being one of the most popular messaging platforms, offers great marketing potential for businesses of all sizes. The WhatsApp green tick next to your  display name signifies trust and credibility for your brand.

In this article, we’ll explore how to acquire a green checkmark badge alongside your WhatsApp account’s name and grasp the benefits it can offer your business.

To begin, let’s delve into what the WhatsApp green checkmark badge represents and determine if it’s a necessity for your business.

What is a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge?

what is a whatsapp green tick badge

The WhatsApp green checkmark badge serves as a quick way for users to recognize official brand accounts on the platform. It is an indicator that the account is verified by WhatsApp and genuinely belongs to the claimed company.

This badge instills confidence in users that they are engaging with a legitimate brand rather than a fraudulent one. Beyond enhancing your account’s authenticity, it also plays a crucial role in establishing trust and bolstering your brand’s reputation.

WhatsApp places a strong emphasis on the verification and validation of business accounts to protect its users from spam and fraudulent profiles.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Green Tick Badge Application


  • Credibility and Trust: 
    WhatsApp-verified badge enhances credibility and trustworthiness.
    Users are more likely to engage with recognized and authentic businesses.
  • Increased Visibility:
    Verified businesses may have higher visibility in WhatsApp search results.

    Attracts more potential customers and clients.

  • Direct Communication:
    Access to WhatsApp Business API for automated messages and improved customer service.
    Enhances customer engagement and communication.

  • Customization: Comprehensive business profile with essential information.Provides a better understanding of your business for customers.

  • Access to WhatsApp Business Tools: Use of tools like messaging templates, quick replies, and labels for chat organization


  • Application Process: Stringent application process with no guarantee of approval. Rejection can be frustrating and time-consuming.

  • Compliance Requirements: Must adhere to WhatsApp’s Business Policy and Commerce Policy. Non-compliance can lead to the revocation of the verified badge.

  • Higher Expectations: Users may expect faster response times and higher-quality customer service from verified businesses. A challenge for smaller businesses to meet these expectations.

  • Costs: Incurred costs for using the WhatsApp Business API and advanced features. Costs can vary depending on usage and business needs.

  • Potential for Misuse: Verification badge can attract scammers. Businesses need to maintain security and vigilance to prevent misuse.

How to Apply for Green Tick Verification?

requirements for green tick verification

 Register for WhatsApp API Access

    • The first step is to sign up for WhatsApp Business API and create a business account with the assistance of a Business Solution Provider (BSP). This is essential to start using WhatsApp for your business needs.
    • Please note that the green tick badge is not available on the free WhatsApp business app.
    • Once you have WhatsApp API access, it’s recommended to initiate WhatsApp Campaigns promptly. To enhance your chances of acquiring a WhatsApp green tick badge, aim to reach at least 1,000 people daily through business-initiated messages. This demonstrates your active and serious use of the platform for business purposes, and reaching Tier 2 or higher messaging levels is also advised.

      Verify Your Business on Meta Business Manager

      • Facebook Business Manager has transitioned to Meta Business Manager, so you should not be confused if you come across either term.
      • Verifying your account through Meta Business Manager is crucial to confirm that your business is a legitimate entity. To qualify for verification, your business must be legally registered with local authorities and have a valid phone number and physical address.

        Build Brand Value

        • Not all businesses are eligible for a WhatsApp green tick badge. Meta recognizes frequently searched-for companies as notable brands or entities.
        • To increase your chances of being recognized as an official business account, having 3-5 media coverage links from reputable news outlets or magazines can be beneficial. It’s important to note that Meta doesn’t consider paid or promotional content as valid sources for evaluation. Green tick badges are granted only to businesses, not individuals or influencers.

          Enable Two-Step Verification

          • Enhance the security of your WhatsApp Business API account by enabling a two-step verification process. This feature requires your WhatsApp registration phone number to be accompanied by a unique six-digit PIN that you create, adding an extra layer of protection. Refer to Facebook’s detailed article on this topic for more information

Methods for Applying for a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge

You have two options to apply for a WhatsApp green tick verification:

Using Meta Business Manager:

  1. Navigate to your Meta Business Manager.
  2. Access Business Settings and select “WhatsApp Accounts” under WhatsApp Manager.
  3. Choose “phone number” under Account tools.
  4. Fill in your WhatsApp account details and click the “Settings” icon.
  5. Under “Profile,” complete all the necessary information and submit your request.
  6. Once the request is submitted, it will enter the review status.
  7. When you apply for a green tick badge independently, the review process typically takes 2-4 business days to determine if your application is accepted.

Through a Business Service Provider (BSP):

  • If your business is already using WhatsApp Business API or On-premises API, you can seek assistance from a Business Solution Provider (BSP) during the application process. Please be aware that BSPs often charge fees for their services.
  • The application process and associated fees may vary depending on the specific WhatsApp Partner, so it’s advisable to contact your chosen BSP for information on the verification process and any related costs.

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FAQ- WhatsApp Green Tick

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is a process that confirms the authenticity of a business account on WhatsApp. It involves adding a green checkmark badge to the business profile, signifying its legitimacy.

Obtaining WhatsApp Green Tick Verification enhances your business’s credibility and trustworthiness. It helps customers identify your business as a legitimate presence on WhatsApp, which can boost their confidence in interacting with you.

To apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification, follow these steps:

  • Ensure your business meets WhatsApp’s eligibility criteria.
  • Open the WhatsApp Business app.
  • Navigate to Settings > Business settings > Verify Business.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the verification process.

WhatsApp’s eligibility criteria may include having a complete business profile, adhering to its policies, and demonstrating an active and legitimate business presence on the platform. dapibus leo.

The following business categories are not eligible for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification:

  • Drugs
  • Tobacco Items
  • Gambling Businesses
  • Alcohol Brands
  • Weapons & Ammunition Businesses
  • Live Animals
  • Adult Product/Services
  • Medical & Healthcare Products
  • Dating Services
  • Cryptocurrencies

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