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FY 24 Growth Hacks: Get Ahead with WhatsApp Bulk Messages Chrome Extensions for Phenomenal Success!

Amidst the whirlwind of the digital era, where time races and technology dance, businesses are ceaseless voyagers, embarking on daring quests to discover avant-garde avenues that unfurl new horizons for reaching their coveted audience and stretching their influence far and wide. With the rise of messaging platforms like WhatsApp, companies are exploring new avenues to connect with potential customers. One such avenue is Best 5 Free WhatsApp bulk message sender, a powerful growth hack that allows businesses to send bulk messages to a large audience at once. In this article, we will delve into the world of FY 24 Growth Hacks and explore how the Best 5 Free WhatsApp bulk message sender can be a game-changer for your business.

What are Free WhatsApp bulk message sender Chrome Extensions?

Behold the enchanting wands of Best 5 Free WhatsApp bulk message senders, mystical tools that weave a spellbinding tapestry, enabling businesses to serenade multitudes of WhatsApp users with harmonious messages in unison. With seamless integration into the Chrome browser, the art of sending bulk messages becomes an ethereal dance of efficiency and grace, effortlessly captivating the hearts of the intended recipients.

Once the Chrome extension is installed, businesses can import their contact lists, and create personalized messages. The extensions provide insights into the delivery and read status of each message, allowing businesses to assess the success of their campaigns. Also Variety of features like:

WhatsApp Number Checker

WhatsApp Contacts Extractor

Bulk Message Sender

Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web

Potential Challenges and Solutions

Avoiding Spam and Overloading
Sending too many messages or irrelevant content can lead to recipients marking your messages as spam. To avoid this, ensure that your messages are well-crafted, relevant, and sent in moderation. To find a better extension which takes care of this for you. Also, you shouldn’t worry if your WhatsApp number gets banned, there are various methods to get it unban.

Complying with WhatsApp’s Policies
WhatsApp has strict policies regarding bulk messaging. Familiarize yourself with these policies to avoid any potential violations that could lead to account suspension or other penalties.

Best 5 Free WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Chrome Extensions Comparison Table

Best 5 Free WhatsApp bulk message sender

1) Wamessager – Best Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender Chrome Extension

With WAMessager, you can effortlessly send bulk messages without the hassle of saving contact numbers. This time-saving feature enables you to establish a direct connection with your customers, ensuring they receive your messages promptly. It not only provides numerous features but is also the most economical on the Chrome store.

Features for choosing Wamessager as your Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender

  • 24/7 Customer support through WhatsApp and Mail.
  • Add a custom delay time after each message.
  • Personalize Your Messages with Ease.
  • Send up to 7 attachments(Images, documents and videos) with different captions for each one.
  • Available in 20+ international languages.
  • An updated algorithm, so lesser chance of getting a WhatsApp number ban
  • Download unsaved contacts/numbers from groups, broadcast lists
  • At WAMessager user data privacy is the utmost priority thus use Privacy Features.

Pricing Wamessager – Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender

Payment varies by Country wise, The basic plan is 10$ for individual users with all the features like privacy, downloading groups, changing WhatsApp numbers any number of items (if your number gets banned). Also, have impressive business plans.

2) WADeck-Best AI-Driven WA CRM

WADeck – send bulk messages via Whatsapp is an embedded WhatsApp CRM tool, it is lightweight and simple enough, use it now to help you double the transaction rate!


● GPT-Powered AI Assistant: Leverage AI assistance to optimize your WhatsApp CRM workflow, gain valuable recommendations, and improve overall efficiency.
● Sort Your WhatsApp Conversations in Custom Tabs: Seamlessly organize and manage contact conversations within tabs, ensuring effective coordination and improved productivity.
● Customize and send WhatsApp message templates: Engage your audience with rich media attachments and interactive buttons, delivering impactful messages that resonate with your contacts.


It’s more of a CRM tool not mainly focusing on sending bulk messages. It doesn’t have any free trial, you need to pay for using it. The basic plan starts from 15$ per month in which you can make unlimited profiles but the storage is limited and you need to pay more for broadcasting and using its AI tools.

3) Wa Web Sender

Try the safest wa sender, send bulk messages on WhatsApp and speed up the WhatsApp marketing.


● Send personalized message, picture, video and document
● Send bulk WhatsApp message from excel
● Send to group members 1 by 1
● Save your own WhatsApp promotion message template
● Customizable sending interval
● Current sending progress
● Pause and resume at any time
● Export sending result list
● One-click retry failed


It has a lifetime free plan but you can only send 100 messages per day, which clearly doesn’t make sense for any marketing firms. Other plans for individuals are 15 dollars and contain all the features. The extension lacks many useful features though.

4) Wa Bulk Message Sender

With the Wapi – app to send bulk WhatsApp messages, Businesses can send product or service information to their customers and efficiently follow up with those who have responded. Personalized messaging through WhatsApp can improve customer response rates and lead to increased revenue.


  • Import names and phone numbers and send them bulk personalized messages
  • Personalization can also be in text with bold, monospace, strikethrough and italics.
  • You can also add emojis to the message.
  • One can upload any type of file like an image, video or a document


Its Pricing has the same trend as that of WA Web Sender.

FAQ Best 5 Free WhatsApp bulk message sender

What is the Best 5 Free WhatsApp bulk message sender Chrome Extensions?

After research, we found these best 5 free WhatsApp bulk message sender Chrome extensions:-
1) WAMessager
2) WA Bulk Message Sender
3) WA Sender Free Plugin
4) WA Deck
5) WA Bulk Sender

What are features or tools offered at WAMessager-bulk message sender chrome extensions?

WAMessager can be used to send bulk messaging campaigns with unlimited messages to people without saving their numbers. Our advanced algorithms protect your numbers from getting banned which running such large-scale campaigns. Some other Tools Offered are: 
Random Password Generator
WhatsApp Text Formatter Online
WhatsApp Link Generator Online
Whatsapp QR Code Generator

What is WhatsApp Bulk Sender or WA Sender?

WhatsApp Bulk Sender is the best chrome extension used to send bulk WhatsApp messages without broadcasting. The word WA Bulk sender is a synonym for sending WhatsApp bulk messages without saving any number. Try the best WA sender tool trusted by 5000+ businesses and awarded with a rating of 4.9/5 on the Chrome store. 
WAMessager –WhatsApp Bulk Sender or WA Sender

How to Avoid WhatsApp Ban for Bulk Messaging with WhatsApp Bulk Sender?

To avoid a WhatsApp Ban for bulk messaging, keep in mind a few things:
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How to Send 1000 Messages at Once on WhatsApp?

For sending 1000 messages at once you can’t rely on WhatsApp Broadcast Feature as it has a lot of limitations. You should find a proven and reliable tool to count on. In comes WAMessager- the correct wa bulk sender tool. It’s drafted for use by small and medium-size businesses. Try yourself!
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Are there any WhatsApp Tools offered at WAMessager- WhatsApp Bulk Sender or WA Sender?

WAMessager can be used to send bulk messaging campaigns with unlimited messages to people without saving their numbers. Its advanced algorithms protect your numbers from getting banned while running such large-scale campaigns. Some other Tools Offered are: 
Random Password Generator
WhatsApp Bulk Sender
WhatsApp Text Formatter Online
WhatsApp Link Generator Online
WhatsApp QR Code Generator Online

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